Fallhallan Skies will make use of two separate pools of skills. The first, known as Personal Skills are selected and function as normal; they represent a characters learned and inherent abilities that make them who they are. The second pool, known as the Aerial Combat Efforts list, or ACE List is a smaller one that represents the capabilities of one’s aircraft; the selection of these skills is part of the Craft Concept, which will be covered in greater detail later.

Personal Skills

  • Education (Academics & Sciences)
  • Alertness
  • Art (Includes traditional art, but could also represent skill with instruments, or understanding of philosophy.)
  • Athletics
  • Aerial Stunts (Pilot is assumed to be a basic competency, this skill represents fancy flying tricks.)
  • Connections (Contacting)
  • Deceit
  • Drive
  • Empathy
  • Endurance
  • Engineering
  • Gambling
  • Marksmanship (Shooting in all forms.)
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
  • Leadership (The highest Leadership in a squadron determines who the Leader is.)
  • Might
  • Secrets (There’s no magic in this world, but there are secrets. People with higher levels of this skill might be conspiracy nutcases, but only if they’re wrong.)
  • Rapport
  • Resolve
  • Resources
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Melee (Fighting with fists, or weapons)

ACE List

  • Defense (Represents various methods of defense ranging from: armor, flares/chaff, ECM, and so on. The more of this you have, the more Near Misses you can sustain.)
  • Speed (How fast your craft is capable of moving at top speed. Some aircraft are exceptionally fast, but don’t make for good dog-fighters. Represents how many spaces on the tactical map you may move as part of any turn.)
  • Mobility (Air maneuverability. This is used to evade attacks before your defenses are forced to defeat them. Because some aircraft aren’t especially agile, your Aerial Stunts skill is limited to this value without a stunt or special piece of equipment.)
  • Firepower (Represents a craft’s capacity for armaments, targeting systems, and so on. Used to make attacks while in an aircraft.)

Damage, Stress, & Near Misses
Damage in Fallhallan Skies is handled a little differently than normal sometimes. If your character is involved in a shootout or a fight, resolve stress and consequences as normal. However, during Aerial Combat, things take a different approach.

When an enemy makes an attack against your craft (rolling Firepower versus your Mobility), a successful hit deals Mental stress (and possibly consequences), and subtracts one from the Near Misses value for your aircraft; this represents a character’s resolve being tested when the missiles and bullets are flying, and their craft’s ability to keep them from harm in the event that an attack isn’t dodged. A craft’s defenses will only be able to save you so many times before the enemy (or their munitions) manage to find their mark. When you suffer a hit and have no more Near Misses, your aircraft has suffered severe damage, which will reduce all skills in its ACE Pool by one; at such a time, retreating or even ejecting might be a wise course of action, as the next hit suffered will shoot you down entirely.

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